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Dictionary: Taqsim


A taqsim is a melodic musical improvisation.  In Middle Eastern classical belly dance music a taqsim is usually done by a violin, accordion, oud or kanoun.  They can range in length from short to really long and can often flow from one instrument to the next.  When dancing to a taqsim the dancer should portray a different mood or feeling to each instrument doing the taqsim.  There is also a more intimate, internal moment portrayed by the dancer giving less energy to the audience as she would when the whole orchestra is playing together.

A beledi section is most commonly started with an accordion taqsim then the drum is added in.

Pictured below is a kanoun and an oud, two of my favorite interments to do taqsims to.  The kanoun has 72 stings and if played laying down.  Shimmies are usually done when dancing to a kanoun.  The oud is danced to with abdominal movements.










Here is a video of Talia dancing to a live violin taqsim:

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