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BellyGram the perfect gift!

Bring the magic and mystery of belly dance to your special celebration!

What is a BellyGram? BellyGrams are a great way to surprise a friend, spouse or loved one. They can be for any such occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or for a small party to surprise guests. BellyGrams have one to two dancers and can be done at the person’s work, home or a restaurant of your choosing. They usually run between 10-15 minutes and can involve belly dance props (cane, veil, finger cymbals, etc.) Dancers will supply music player if needed.

Rates start at $200, please call for a more accurate quote.

BellyGrams should be booked at least two weeks prior to the date request with all arrangements already in order (please talk to the restaurant or work supervisor first if the surprise is to take place at either of these places).
dancer sillouet
Give a gift with a thousand memories! The Oriental Jewels BellyGrams are the perfect surprise everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Family and/or mixed gendered parties only, no bachelor or all male parties.