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Monika’s Top 5 Favorite Things



Monika’s 5 Favorite Things For Dance:


#1 Lauren Hutton Face Disk (created by the super model Lauren Hutton) you can read about her story, she’s AMAZING.
I have been using this product for 12 years. I can literally put my makeup on in 5 min. with this one disk. For dance, I make everything darker and it’s still natural looking. I love all of her products, however I cannot live without the face disk!
#2 Hair Perfume, Pink Sugar
Google Search “Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume”
This product flies off the shelves quick! Ulta has been out the last couple of times I tried to re-buy. I’ve been lucky at Sephora in JC Pennies and you can always get it on Amazon.  I’m not a big perfume person, especially when I dance. Some customers are highly sensitive to the smell of perfume, especially when they’re eating. I like this route because it’s light cloud of scent that makes me happy. It also tames fly-away hair.
#3 Tweezerman Tweezers

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, Pink by Tweezerman”

You cannot skimp out on your tweezers, I use mine EVERY DAY. Mother Nature played a joke on me: It takes two years to grow ½ inch of hair on my head but only one night for one stray hair to grow from my face! They are expensive but well worth the money. One reviewer statement sums it up: “You can pull out eyebrow hairs that will make you proud!”
#4 TANtalizer

You can also get this at Sephora in JCP. I’m allergic to self tanners and this is the perfect alternative. It’s a beautiful body bronzing luminizer. It’s always on my re-order list.

#5. Celebre Cream makeup
A MUST. I’ve been using this for 12 years for dance. It’s professional makeup that performers all over the world wear (even clowns).  It covers all flaws. I’ve tried expensive brands and I always go back to this product (and kick myself in the butt for even trying to go the expensive route). This is only $12.95 and will last for YEARS!